A lifelong wish to combine her loves of travel, nature, art, collecting, and creative design into one endeavor - Brooke Fisher Designs was created in 2014.  Brooke’s jewelry designs spring from her love of exploring the natural world and discovering the indigenous cultures within it. Utilizing precious and semi-precious gems, she mixes them with natural “organic” and ethnic materials sourced from around the globe. Color, texture, shape and “origin” combine into an unexpected juxtaposition, creating a unique yet effortless appeal.

Her love of the “unexpected juxtaposition” is what gives her creations such  wearable and transitional appeal. She contrasts the beauty and luxury of diamonds, gold or pearls with earthy materials such as mammoth bone, raw turquoise, tribal trade beads, ebony wood, shells, sea glass, or spiritual amulets from places like Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Turkey or Africa. Taking cues from tribal design elements of color, which are those of nature – she uses the rich blues of turquoise and lapis lazuli, the glowing reds of carnelian and coral, the creamy whites of pearl, shell and bone, and the toasty warm hues of horn or amber – all elements that have been used in jewelry-making since antiquity. Like these artisans of the past, she may add a spiritual amulet, or a vintage tribal symbol or talisman, giving the piece a mysterious or ethereal counterpoint.

Each piece of jewelry in Brooke’s collection is one of a kind. Sophisticated and luxurious yet earthy and ethnic, her designs transition from t-shirt and jeans or beach tunic, to cashmere or black tie.  Each piece translates a unique story -- beautifully reflecting the sparkle of fine jewelry with a down-to-earth bohemian feel.  While always a California girl at heart, Brooke now resides in the Midwest, where she designs, crafts and finishes her one-of-a-kind pieces in her home studio near Detroit Michigan.